2021 -2022 - My newest paintings

What a strange time. Many of us have gone inward to discover much about themselves. For me, I have been painting my reflections. 

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The Journey of the Swan 16 x 20.jpg

The Swan's Journey

24"h x 16"w

This oil painting on canvas was inspired by the magical spirit of the swan on the lake during sunset

In Flight 8 x 10.jpg

In Flight

20"h x 16"w

Acrylic painting on canvas with mica flakes was inspirted by the

free energy of spirit

Sunset la Mano_edited.jpg

Sunset La Mano

16" by 24"

Acrylic paint with my fingers

Antelope Canyon 8 x 10.jpg

Antelope's Vision

30"h x 24"w

This oil painting is inspired by

Antelope Canyon in Arizona