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During this time on our planet, all is changing. And so are we. So many people are taking unique steps in their lives (including me).  May you be inspired to be present every day with the courage to seek change and move past obstacles. I present my form of inspiration to you through color and imagery, channeling the universal truth of the light inside of each of us.

I offer my paintings at a discount price. If they touch your heart and soul, feel free to contact me here to purchase paintings and/or prints.  I will be happy to offer an even deeper discount if you choose to order more of my art.

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Of the Earth


Large Paintings

Larger Paintings

Spirit Guides  Available Paintings.

See Prints for the Complete Collection of Animal Spirit Guides




Contact me here for more information and to purchase your painting. I will be offering other discounts for more than one purchase.

Prints on many of these paintings are also available. Click here.


I'm somehow drawn to the mesmerizing color palate you choose for each." 

~ Tom, PA

I found this poem that I wrote back in 2007 that I thought would be pertinant now.