Art Shows

" Your new work looks spectacular….you just keep getting better and better….like a fine wine:)" -- Mary Ellen Jay, CT


I go to many, many art shows and truly have not responded to many the way I did to  yours. Just one question: How can your bear to part with your paintings? -- Christine B, NYC

Divine Inspiration

Ceres Gallery Group Show


547 W. 27th Street, NYC
(December 9-13, 2014)


The "Divine Inspiration" collection of seven acrylic paintings were born through a journey of inner exploration and tapping into the unknown with great wonder. The use of color and texture work with each piece to create a profound emotional landscape.


Also see video at the gallery.



Celestial Dreams

Ceres Gallery Group Show (December 3-7, 2013)

Soho, NY


The "Celestial Dreams" collection of five paintings were inspired by a rather surreal journey through the cosmos using the astounding colors of light and sky.


Also see my video of the show.


Chelsea Show 2012

Ceres Gallery Group Show

(December 11-15, 2012)

My “Spirit” series of five paintings are inspired by my recent journey through the unknown using nature and trust as my muse.


See the video of the 2012 show.




Wine Therapy Gallery

A collection of my paintings in Chelsea's Wine Therapy shop in April 2013.