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My Latest Works (2020-2022)

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Watch This Space for New Creations!

The Journey of the Swan 16 x 20.jpg

'The Swan's Journey'

16"w x 24"h
This oil painting on canvas was inspired by the spirit of a swan on the lake during sunset.
In Flight

'In Flight'

16"w x 20"h
This acrylic painting on canvas with mica flakes captured a magical journey into the unknown.
Antelope Vision.png

Antelope's Vision

30"w x 24"h
Oil painting on canvas with floating frame
was inspired by the abstract magnificence of Antelope Canyon in Arizona.
lines swirl purple_edited.png
"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall."
~ Ray Bradbury

My newest painting technique - my fingers as a brush.

Journey to a New LIght

'Window to a New World'

16"w x 24"h
Acrylic painting on canvas with my fingers as a brush
Sunset la Mano_edited.jpg

Sunset La Mano

24"w x 16"h
Acrylic painting on canvas with my fingers as a brush

Back in October 2021, I fractured my dominant wrist.
As a result, I began my new technique of painting with my fingers.
When I told my friend, here was her response:

"You are so talented Greer, you could paint with your nose"

~ Susan T.

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