Prints from Original Paintings by Greer Jonas - Sale

High-quality archival prints from original painting by Greer Jonas.

Available in 3 sizes:

5 x 7" print with white wood frame (was $50 each) Sale: $30 (limited stock)

8 x 10 print with mat (was $60 each) Sale: $45

11 x 14 print with mat (was $75 each) Sale: $60

Some are only available in one size and other sizes are back ordered.

All info is noted in the store.

Fire Dancer

Fire Dancer

from the Inspiration series

Skybird print.jpg

Sky Bird

from the Spirit Guide series

Order more than 2 prints

at special discount.

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My Favorite Paintings

I am a healer within my heart. I paint to express and inspire; to connect to passion, emotion and spirit.

Below is a collection of prints of my favorite paintings. They are divided up into 2 categories: 

 ~ Inspirational prints

~ Spirit Guide prints

I am offering them to you at a special discount. 

Order more than 2 prints at special discount.

contact me for more info.

Note: Prints with a "*" denote that the original painting is available for sale.

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for information on prices.

Inspiration Series

I am moved by many things - the earth , light, color and  the mystery of what transpires when I begin a painting. I tap into what I see and what I feel and then my brush takes a magical journey beyond beyond what I can imagine. Here are prints from my inspiration series. Some of my original paintings are still available. See the asterisk * and contact me if you are interested in purchasing.